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Flourishing Inside Short Courses

In fulfilment of the project aim to offer ‘an improved training programme and increased access to that programme’, we have developed the following series of short courses which can be taken individually, as a one-off study day, or together as a full training programme. Bursaries will be available for applicants to the courses.

The content of the programme was determined by:

  • input from practitioner participants on their training needs and desires
  • input from former prison residents on their experiences of chaplaincies in prison
  • gaps identified in resources and training for prison chaplains related to CST
  • and learning from the literature reviews in both CST and prison chaplaincy

COURSE I. Prison Chaplains and Critical Presence: Resources for Prison Chaplaincy from Catholic Social Thought

In the first half of the day, themes from CST will be introduced, particularly human dignity, the common good, the preferential option for the poor, human rights, solidarity, participation, and family/community. The second half of the day will relate these themes to how chaplains can critically analyse and engage with prison contexts within the parameters of the chaplaincy role.

COURSE II. Chaplaincies Inside and Out: Connecting Prison Chaplaincies, Community Chaplaincies, and Faith Communities

To discuss the centrality of the ‘bridging’ role of prison chaplains, with half the day looking at chaplaincy as a bridge between the prison context and faith communities, and half the day looking at chaplaincy as a bridge between the prison context and return to society (with a focus on connecting prison chaplains to community chaplaincies).

COURSE III. Bereavement and Prisons: Resources for Pastoral Care

An introduction to bereavement to equip prison chaplains in caring for prison residents dealing with current and past bereavements inside and outside of prison.

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