Resources for Prison Chaplains

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Organisations and Sites for Chaplains

The Free Churches Group (UK) has part of its website dedicated to prison chaplaincy, including prison-related news items and a page of links to partner organisations.

The Catholic Prison Ministry Coalition is a US-based site which promotes ministry in prisons, offers resources for and creates opportunities for sharing between those involved in prison ministry in ways which advocate for restorative justice and the dignity of every person. The site includes free resources for prayer and liturgy.

The International Commission of Catholic Prison Pastoral Care seeks to promote Catholic prison chaplaincies worldwide and to raise awareness of the problems faced by those in prison. The site includes links to important organisations and documents, prisons-related news items for each region of the world, and art by prison residents.

The Correctional Chaplains Association is a US-based Evangelical organisation which seeks to connect and equip people in prison ministry ‘as they fulfil the Great Commission in Corrections. The site resources are available to paid members of the association.

The Chaplaincy Innovation Lab is based at Brandeis University (USA) and seeks to resource chaplaincy in a variety of sectors. The site includes resources, research projects, training opportunities, and webinars.

UK-based Advocacy and Assistance for Current and Former Prison Residents

Pact provides a wide range of support to current and former prison residents and their families.

The Welcome Directory seeks to encourage and equip faith communities to welcome people as they are released from prison.

Clinks engages in a wide range of projects to promote, support, and represent volunteer workers in criminal justice.

The Howard League is UK’s oldest penal reform charity, campaigning and offering legal work. The site is rich in resources on penal reform including their own journal. An excellent source for staying informed on social justice and human rights issues and solutions.

The Prison Reform Trust is another UK penal reform charity, seeking to inform the public and influence policy.

Caring for Ex-Offenders is based at Holy Trinity Brompton (Church of England) and connects people leaving prison with local church communities.

The Community Chaplaincy Association is the umbrella organisation of local Community Chaplaincies seeking to support former prison residents in their communities.

The Hardman Trust seeks to support former prison residents, including through the Hardman Directory of sources of funding for resettlement and development post-release.